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What Is Kabbalah?

Etz Haim, the Tree of Life

Kabbalah is a system of codes and symbols used to analyze the connections between the different aspects of reality. It is a complex system of thought which answers to the need for spirituality of the human being by using those symbols that, according to tradition, were given to the men by Metatron, the Lord’s messenger.
The figure beside is the Tree of Life: Etz Haim חיים עץ.

The Tree of Life is one of the most important symbols of Kabbalah, shared by many cultures in the world, it is the symbol of the nature or reality. Over more than 4,000 years, this system of codes has been verbally passed on as a very important part of the Jewish culture.
Not all the Jewish people are Kabbalists, though. Only a little part of them, in fact, has gone through the study of Kabbalah as an additional part of their individual path.

Regardless of Kabbalah connections with Jewish Mysticism, its beauty is to be an extended thought system which goes beyond the religious beliefs. You may not be seeking for the Truth but, for sure, you wish you could understand your neighbor, your friends, your loved ones.

Despite the secrecy around the teachings of Kabbalah, over the centuries, many information have spread enormously and Kabbalah‘s references may be found in Free Masonry, Alchemy, Occultism, Magic and Numerology. As a consequence of that, there is a lot of confusion about Kabbalah and its teachings.